Start-up & Commissioning

Testing and start-up

The electrical installation test is a crucial step in ensuring the electrical safety and functional reliability of a system. It ensures that all electrical components are installed and connected to each other in accordance with standards. During this test, various measurements and tests are carried out to ensure that the electrical system complies with applicable regulations and standards as well as advanced requirements of our industrial customers specialized systems.

The electrical system will only be commissioned after the installation test has been successfully completed. During this process, the system is activated gradually to ensure that it is functioning properly. In addition to the safety-relevant aspects, the performance and efficiency of the system are also monitored. The combination of standard-compliant testing and precise measurements ensures not only the safety but also the reliable functionality of the electrical system, which is particularly important in automation technology.

Support with system startup & commissioning:

  • Electrical testing
  • Visual inspection of all connected components
  • Power supply and PLC start-up
  • Verification of individual connections according to the diagrams of the electrical components in the system
  • Checking the system's 24V power supply
  • Input test
  • Bus test