General Overview

Dynamic measurement system for 3-dimensional measurement
Minimum Measurement Width [mm]:
Adjustable - 38 / 155 / 390
Maximum Measurement Width [mm]:
Adjustable - 1038 / 1475 / 3030
Resolution width/height [mm]:
2.5 / 5 / 10
Interface :
PROFIBUS, TCP/IP, RS232/422/485
Operating Voltage:
External 230VAC / Internal 24V DC

    A cost-effective plug-and-play volume & dimension measurement system for use goods as they move throughout a conveyor system in logistics and intralogistics applications

    The FRAMOS VLG is a robust plug-and-play system for volume measurement for logistics operations, with direct connection to conveyor systems. The FRAMOS VLG enables fast and uncomplicated automation of logistics to minimize freight costs as well as to check the quality of the incoming and outgoing consignments. This makes processes slimmer, running automatically and with higher efficiency and quality. This saves valuable resources in the form of time, labor and money in every logistics chain. The FRAMOS VLG creates better utilization, higher quality of picking, less downtime, and satisfied customers.

    Application fields of FRAMOS VLG

    • Master Data Collection
      • Identification of general cargo
      • Storage area selection
      • Optimization of the used storage volume
      • Inspection of machine capability
    • Optimization of freight costs
      • Volume & dimension measurement for load planning
      • Automatic invoicing
      • Recalculation of freight rates
    • Sorting tasks
      • Volume & dimension measurement for sorting parcels
      • Position determination for automatic package loading, e.g. for luggage sorting
    • Quality inspections of incoming and outgoing goods
      • Verification of bulges
      • Determination of the correct packaging
      • Detection of damage
      • Documentation

The Imaging Systems team additionally supports customer-specific developments and adapts the VLG specifically to the required project conditions. We are proud to support many international companies in optimizing their logistics processes. You will find some selected examples in our reference applications.