General Overview

Static measurement system for 3-dimensional measurement
Resolution width/height [mm]:
RS232/485, TCP/IP
Supply voltage:
24 VDC / 230 VAC
Effective Measurement width [mm]:
Maximum weight [kg]:

    3D dimension & weight measurement for automatic master data acquisition in systems without conveyor technology

    The FRAMOS Static Dimensioner (FSD) is a precision solution for fast, non-contact, autonomous master data recording of small to medium systems without a conveyor unit. The FSD combines a fast and independent size calculation and weight measurement in one operation. High measuring accuracy and automatic data transmission as well as image and data documentation ensure simple and convenient operation.

    The compact workstation with an intuitive user interface can be directly integrated into existing IT systems and is SAP-compatible. Peripherals such as bar code scanners and cameras can be easily integrated.

    Application fields of FRAMOS FSD:

    • Goods Receipt
      • Combination measurement of volume and weight
      • Autonomous direct recording
      • Transfer to merchandise management systems
    • Warehouse management
      • Storage location calculation
      • Batch sorting
      • Warehouse optimization
    • Goods issue
      • Delivery inspection
      • Commercial examination
      • Data merge
      • Identification
      • Picking
    • Freight management
      • Loading planning
      • Freight cost optimization
      • Automatic invoicing & recalculation

The Imaging Systems team also supports customer-specific developments and white-label arrangements. We are proud to support many international companies in optimizing their logistics processes. You will find some selected examples in our reference applications. The article Automatic master data acquisition for storage optimization in real-time is available for download in our Imaging Center.