Framos at Automation Logistics Corporation

Over 35 years of experience in image processing, and countless successful vision projects have motivated us to develop innovative vision systems and technologies ourselves. Our imaging system experts have gained specialized knowledge in developing solutions for medical and logistics applications, and in implementing customized OEM and white-label solutions in all industries and markets.

FRAMOS Imaging Systems also offers ready-to-use products and vision systems. For effective implementation of Logistics 4.0 concepts, the FRAMOS Volume Light Grid (VLG) measures the volume and dimensions of individual cases and containers, and is integrated as a plug-and-play solution directly into the intralogistics conveyor system. The FRAMOS Static Dimensioner is suitable for robust master data collection in logistics operations of small and medium-sized enterprises without conveyor technology.

In medical imaging and robotics, the FRAMOS Optical Tracking System (OTS) provides a high degree of accuracy for real-time applications. Stereo vision enables accurate position detection, critical for ensuring safe man/machine collaboration and precise navigation during surgical procedures or in rehabilitation.

The FRAMOS development team supports the rapid integration of our off-the-shelf products into your systems. For customizations, developments or OEM solutions, we stand by you as a partner in all aspects of imaging. Please contact us, our experts will gladly brainstorm with you about the possibilities to enhance your business profitability using vision systems.