In 2003 a Georgia entity with the name of Automation Logistics Annaberg Corporation was founded by Elektrobau Annaberg GmbH together with ELEBA Elektro - und Haustechnik GmbH.

These German based companies have many years of experience in the automation industry throughout Europe.

In 2005 Herrmann Elektrotechnische Anlagen GmbH & Co. KG became a partner, and the company's headquarters relocated to Florida.

The company would be known as Automation Logistics Corporation.

Uwe & Frank Herrmann acquired Automation Logistics Corporation in 2011. In 2012 Automation Logistics Corporation became a majority shareholder of Zeroks USA LLC.

In 2013 Automation Logistics Corporation opened a subsidiary in Dresden, Germany; allowing the organization to accommodate its European clients more effectively.

In 2018 Automation Logistics Corporation changed his company structure into Automation Logistics Corp.DE GmbH & Co. KG.