When it comes to technology, there are many ways to solve your challenges.

Having roots in engineering as well as in the fabrication of control panels & control cabinets since 1960, Automation Logistics Corporation can identify the most cost-effective option that does not sacrifice quality or long-term performance.


We recognize each customer's individual engineering needs differ.

We offer a large range of custom solutions utilizing mainstream components. Schematic development through systems such as WSCAD and back-plate development through various software platforms such as AutoCAD are readily available.


It all begins with our customer's specific request.

All cabinets are manufactured in house to provide our customers with a "hands on" solution that will fulfill all specifications. The cabinets are tested live, point-to-point, to ensure a worry free start-up.


We offer our clients technologically advanced and highly customized solutions in an array of industries.

Using our clients specifications or creating a solution around our clients requests, we can design control systems to produce a reliable result.


We are a UL 508a certified panel shop.

Having each of our control panels UL508a certified assures our customers that the control panels are compliant with national and local electrical codes. A UL508a certification provides our clients with evidence that our control panels comply with nationally recognized safety standards.

Advantage for Automated Material Handling Integrators

Why pay two different companies for one job; let ALC do it all from assembly to installation we are your one stop for a lean process.
We feel customer service and continuous improvement are the two most important things we can offer we want to breed a culture of quality.